Point Of Care (POCT)

Mediphos supplies various professional rapid tests, kits and instruments to perform a laboratory test near the patient.

The number of tests performed in the living and / or care environment of the patient has increased considerably in recent years. This so-called Point of Care testing (POCT) is the entire process in support of making a diagnosis, performing the test, interpreting the result, communicating the result and registering a laboratory test performed by an employee in healthcare is provided in the vicinity of the patient during the provision of care. This can be outside the laboratory, for example in a hospital department, in a general practice or in a nursing home.

Examples include: Urine testing, Hb and glucose determination and CRP using a finger prick.

There are several reasons for the increase in these tests: there is more scientific evidence for the added value of specific POC tests, and due to technological developments, there is a greater range of POCTs. The service orientation towards patients is increasing and diagnostic centers and laboratories are increasingly facilitating the use of POCT in general practice. It is important to distinguish between devices that are suitable for use as POCT by healthcare professionals, tests used by patients for self-monitoring or for self-tests purchased by consumers.