Cookie policy

What does Mediphos do with cookies?

What are cookies?

The Mediphos website uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is placed on the hard disk of your computer when you visit the website. A cookie contains information that stores your preferences during your visit to our site. This information cannot be used by Mediphos to retrieve the personal data of visitors.A cookie shows, for example, whether you have visited a certain page before, or whether you came to the website via a link.The Mediphos website is well secured. Cookies from the Mediphos website can be expected to facilitate your visit to the website and you can be confident that they will not transfer viruses to your computer.

Why does Mediphos use cookies?

Cookies ensure that the website works properly; That forms with multiple pages send complete information, that Mediphos can keep track of visitor numbers and that services from third parties (such as Google Analytics) can be offered.You can disable cookies in your browser, without this having far-reaching consequences for your use of the website. However, the result may be that certain parts are less or no longer accessible to you.That is why Mediphos works with a cookie program that allows you to determine for Mediphos only if you allow some cookies to be stored on your computer.

Mediphos uses cookies to improve the website.

With cookies, Mediphos can collect information about your visit to, including the pages you view on these sites, the links you click on and the other actions you take. In addition, Mediphos collects certain standard information that the browser (your surf program) sends to every website you visit, such as the type and language of the browser you use, the time of the visit and the link you followed to reach our sites.With this information, Mediphos can determine which parts of the site are viewed well and where fewer visitors come. In this way Mediphos can ensure that the information that is often sought is also easy to find.

Third party cookies

The majority of the content of the Mediphos website (the content) consists of self-written texts and the content of the forum topics. In addition, Mediphos uses a number of third-party services. For instance:Google analysis tool - Google AnalyticsSome of these networks place a cookie on your computer in order to keep track of the use of this service. This information allows these parties to provide services and in some cases targeted advertising that they believe will interest you. Mediphos has no access to cookies that may have been placed by third-party networks.

European Cookie legislation

The new cookie legislation came into force on 5 June 2012. Mediphos is forced to follow the law and therefore lets you choose whether or not to accept cookies through the special program.

What does Mediphos save with this cookie program?

Mediphos offers you the choice to accept or not to accept cookies. In this case, we will keep a record of whether or not you have accepted cookies on the computer with which you are currently visiting our site. The law is not yet entirely clear, but it can be entered that monitoring authorities request the log.The other choice that we offer you is not to choose. In that case the question remains at the top of our sites. As long as you do not make a choice, we will also not register this in the log files.