NEW: recomDot Borrelia IgG, IgM - ImmunoBlot in 96well plate format

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We are happy to announce the first assay of our new Mikrogen product line recomDot. The new protein microarray technology combines the high informative value of immunoblot assays with easy, automated processing on standard ELISA instruments. The test system is perfect for high throuput at low time requirements. 


Introduction of a novel easy-to-use microarray for Borrelia diagnostics
Julia Schamberger, Stefan Ammer, Michael Mayer, Torsten Pirch, Angela Eser, Ingrid Albrecht-Walz, Friedhelm Struck, Karin Wochinz-Richter, Kerstin Wagner, Oliver Böcher, Erwin Soutschek

Mikrogen GmbH, Neuried, Germany

The new recomDot Borrelia is based on recombinant, highly specific, immunodominant and phase-specific antigens of the five human-pathogenic Borrelia species. Tentative diagnoses and suspected disease stages of patient samples found borderline or positive in screening can be substantiated by means of typical IgG and IgM antibody constellations.

The recomDot Borrelia protein microarray combines the high informative value of the Line immunoassay with easy, automated processing on standard ELISA instruments.

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• The recomDot Borrelia is highly sensitive and specific for the detection of antibodies against Borrelia burgdorferi ssp. Cross-reactivity turned out to be very low, accuracy of the recomDot has been shown to be excellent.
• The recomDot Borrelia is a fast, easy-to-use and a more economical alternative to conventional methods confirming screening results.

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