New: Point-of-Care MDx-system for infectious disease diagnostics

Intro tekst

The STANDARD M Point-of-care MDx platform has been developed to make accurate, simple and faster clinically relevant decisions. Due to its innovative scalable design with a small footprint, the system is extremely flexible to use, in combination with the extremely intuitive software, this ensures easy implementation at any desired location. 



  • Isothermal amplification + Real-time PCR in one Platform
  • Results in 20 - 60 min, depending on the test
  • Minimal hands on steps, just add the sample to the cartridge
  • All-in-one cartridge (NA extraction + amplification)
  • Scalable: up to 8 modules for one console
  • Touch screen and an intuitive user interface
M10 Module(8)+Console small.jpg


Continuously expanding menu, currently available tests:

  • SARS-CoV2 *PCR
  • .. and much more to come
M10 Cartridge_1 w1000px.jpg


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