Genetic Signatures distribution in the Benelux via Mediphos

Intro tekst

Genetic Signatures places the distribution of the molecular test kits based on 3base™ technology at Mediphos.

Our 3base™ technology forms the basis of the EasyScreen™ Detection Kits. 3base™ allows for simpler design of molecular assays facilitating the simultaneous detection of multiple targets. 3base™ is compatible with both RNA and DNA targets.



As a result of the improved conversion methods and the application to cytosine methylation detection an interesting discovery was made: That the treatment of microbial DNA by sodium bisulphite is able to reduce the four nucleic acid bases to just three bases, via the conversion of Cytosine to Thymine.  This technology is known as 3base™ and is the cornerstone of our EasyScreen™ Pathogen Detection Kits.

Genetic Signatures has since developed and commercialised a suite of EasyScreen™ Real-Time PCR-based products for the routine detection of infectious diseases. EasyScreen™ products provide hospital and pathology laboratories with the molecular tools to screen for a wide array of infectious pathogens in a rapid and high-throughput environment.

Available kits:

  • Enteric Pathogen screening kits
  • Respiratory Pathogen Screening kits
  • ESBL/CPO Screening kits

EasyScreen ™ automation

Genetic Signatures’ scientists have gained extensive experience in the use of various nucleic acid extraction, liquid handling and real-time PCR platforms with EasyScreen™ assays. As Genetic Signatures is not affiliated with any one platform supplier we are able to work with you to customise a workflow for the implementation of the EasyScreen™ assays into your laboratory.

Genetic Signatures GS1 Automation System

Hamilton-NIMBUS-467x382.jpg The GS1 is based on the Nimbus platform (manufactured by Hamilton Robotics, USA). The deck and programs have been customised to be compatible with EasyScreen™ assays.