Belgian and French governments choose Biosynex corona antigen rapid test, among others

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The Federal Medicines Agency has chosen companies, including Biosynex, to deliver millions of corona rapid tests.

Flanders decided on Friday to buy four million fast corona tests. A budget of 15 to 30 million euros has been set aside for this. The first half a million tests ordered by the federal government would be there next week. Prime Minister Alexander De Croo (Open VLD) indicated in parliament that the federal government is aiming for five million tests in the first phase.


Biosynex COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test

These tests can help relieve the labs. They can handle about 65,000 PCR tests, while more than 70,000 are administered daily. This led to such delays that the entire testing strategy was revised to accommodate all tests.


The Risk Assessment Group (RAG), a vehicle that assists the government in the health crisis, issued an advisory report on 12 October outlining the contours of such a strategy. The RAG sees the rapid test as a promising addition to the PCR test, albeit more in schools and companies.

"In places with many vulnerable people, there is a risk that you will miss an infectious person, which is a potential time bomb," Paul Pardon, member of the task force, told De Tijd this week. Reservations are also appropriate for another method, the saliva test. "Use is only recommended for repeated, at least weekly, screening in adults without symptoms, such as staff in residential care centers." In the advice, the experts outline ten situations or patients and which test is best used, with possible alternatives.

Large companies, schools or residential care centers can purchase tests themselves. The FAMHP will place an overview with homologated tests on its website.……

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