A qualitative in vitro test for the indirect detection and safe identification of pathogen specific antibodies.


The recomLine offers the same advantages as the western blot - all relevant pathogen-specific antigens are applied to a single test strip and therefore distinguish the detection of the antibodies. Due to the line-assay format, the bands are now displayed more clearly and can also be quantified. Therefore, recomLine is the recommended method for testing antibody avidity.


The recomBlot is a western blot test, designed as a confirmatory assay after a screening assay such as enzyme immuno assays (e.g. ELISA) or immunofluorescence assays (IFA). Unlike ordinary immunoblot assays, the antigens are presented in the recomBlot without other interfering or cross-reacting proteins. For this reason, the recomBlot shows a high specificity and sensitivity. Moreover, the recomBlot is easy to read.